Looking to upgrade your old factory headlights? Look no further! The Morimoto Elite Systems have earned their reputation amongst many as the aftermarket's best set of HID's. This is a full system that is ready to simply plug and play! With a variety of available options, the Morimoto Elite HID system can be configured perfectly just for you! 

Whats Included:
1x Ballasts: XB35 or XB55 (2x For Dual Systems)
1x Igniters: XB AMP (2x For Dual Systems)  
1x Bulbs: XB (2x For Dual Systems)
1x Harness: Moto Control Motorcycle Harness
1x Brackets: 8 Position Orange (2x For Dual Systems)
Warranty: 5 Years for XB35 - 3 Years for XB55
Misc:Bulb cleaning pads

Morimoto Elite Motorcycle HID System

  • Input: DC 9-32V

    Output: AC 85V 35/50W

    Max Voltage: 25KV (at start-up)

    Operating Temp: -40C to +125C

    XB35 (35w) Rated Life: 2500 hours

    XB55 (55w) Rated Life: 2000 hours